20 gennaio 2018

PROJECTS | I wish I were

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Every year in Italy the 23% of the population leaves the secondary school with no degree. In 2013 about 110.000 studentes have left the school before the end of the obligatory eight grade and they are out from any other learning process or school.
The consequent expense for the society is very huge, about 1,5% and 6,8% of the GDP.

The NEET people (Not Engaged in Education, Employment or Training) are the most important consequence of this situation, and according to the 2012 data Italy has the 20% of NEET people, a rate that leads the country at the second place in the OCSE. The first one is Mexico.
Many teenagers aged between 14 and 17 don’t have the obligatory school degree. They don’t want to go to school and they isolate themselves mistrusting everything.
For the society they are lost and hopeless, with no chance for the future. In fact they are boys and girls with different origins and stories of phisical or psycological abuses that have broken their self confidence.
In Milan and Lodi there are three special classes, the Second Opportunity School of Fondazione Sicomoro, that follow this young person in order to make them succeed in reaching their obligatory degree, follow the Don Milani’s schools teachments.